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Carrying Phyto Sintesi skincareRosa Graf skincare, other professional skincare, and thousands of esthetics supplies, Natali Products has been a trusted leader since 1992!

We also have furniture and spa equipment for sale, as well as quality cosmeticsnail, and wax supplies, so you can stay on the pulse of the esthetics industry while building your day spa business and career. Learn more about us.

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Price Increase in Mid-March

Dear customers, due to the falling value of the Canadian dollar, Natali Products will be increasing some of our prices 15-20% in mid-March. Thank you for understanding. We’re informing you now, so you have time to stock up on your day spa supplies at the old price before we begin the adjustment. (Please note that if the Canadian dollar goes back up, we will reduce our prices accordingly, as we did in late 2013.)

HIFU: The Next Trend in Skin-Lifting Technology

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